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Originally Posted by keepinitreal
I did a job by this raceway, they are still bringing them in, 2 at a time


I was just noticing that all of the people posting car ads on the So Cal Craigslist sites are now stating that you need to buy their car "before the Houston cars that have been flooded get here". They insinuate that some people won't salvage title them, and are just gonna ship them over here and try to sell them without disclosure. 


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I believe the same happened after Katrina. A quick clean up and back on the market to unsuspecting buyers
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It happens after every flood event. These are usually lower priced vehicles that didn't have comprehensive coverage. $20K + cars will almost always have comp insurance because they had a loan on them. In that case, salvage title. If water didn't get to the dash, and get the computer, many people will not claim them on insurance, but instead replace the carpet, and sometimes seats, and sell them.
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