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I saw on spy softball today that Gary Haning and some elite gold teams(I have heard the top 20 programs from Cali and the next best 10 or so from across the country) have joined forces to stop attending ASA Gold Nationals and start their own "Elite Level" National Tourney.  I know this has been in the plans for some time because of the way ASA does business.  My personal opinion is that Gold Nationals as we know it is in it's last year of existance!  One of the rules that the new tourney is trying to implement is to ban college players.  Sounds like a possible lawsuit unless somehow written legally into the new organizations by-laws.  From my experience if you remove the top 30 or so teams from Gold Nationals you don't have much left!  If you were a college coach where would you be watching if both tourney's are held at the same time?  I mentioned before how the Brakettes in the womens division has walked away from ASA Womens Open Nationals this year and now this!  Not many people care about the Womens Open games anymore, but I think this break from Gold Nationals will surely get ASA's attention.       

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Good, it's about time.  The ASA is getting what it deserves.

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I feel there are quite a few things that will ultimately lead to their demise.
1.Arrogance....preaching their this and that....Only game in town etc....Lack of umpire training.
2. Constant doing and redoing equipment certifications. This leads to alot of money lost by equipment manufacturers...
3.Also leads to alot of parents being out alot of cash because they are having to buy new equipment all the time. They couldnt just set a standard and leave it alone.
4. They are one of the reasons for the ruination of mens ball....

I can keep going.....

I voted for Trump. 
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