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I've had a lot of requests for this from college and travel coaches and current readers of UCS. . I'd prefer to post a whole team with the players on that team and where they've committed. If they're not committed yet, don't put them down. Submit your thread and I'll organized a thread with team rosters and their college. If you'd rather e-mail me the information, use: robocoach@ultimatecollegesoftball.com

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All rosters will be posted in the Where they're going section of this thread.  You can add them here or on that thread and I'll situate them onto the post.  Thank's Buckett and Andy for your info.

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Update for Desperados Gold Players 2006
Rebecca Schultz, IF, to Ohio State University
Shauna Hobbins to Rhode Island


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From The Next Level, we have:

Rene Delagrammaticas -- Boston College
Whitney Orellana -- University of Illinois, Chicago
Jessica Smith (Sr.) -- Northwestern University
Jace Williams -- University of Washington
Jessica Camello -- San Diego State University

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Texas Sudden Impact Gold - Pete Kirchberg

Hinton, Katie 2007 signed Campbell University , NC
McNeill, Molly 2007 signed Univ. Louisiana Monroe, LA
Rother, Allyce 2007 signed Texas State, TX
Odom, Sarah         2007         signed Oklahoma State, OK
Pitzenberger, Sadie         2007         signed Notre Dame, IN
Sherman, Katy Beth         2007         signed University of Houston, TX

Who says Texas girls won't play out of state...

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California Cruisers  
# Name Pos. Grad. Signed
1 Bush, Ammanda Of/Util Inf3B/2B 2007 No
22 Galindo, Vangie CF/LF 2008 No
23 Maeva, Justeen C/3B 2008 No
10 Valenzuela, Chloe SS/2B 2008 No
6 Zambrana, Christina 3B/1B 2008 No
21 Dodd, Samantha CF/LF 2009 No
3 Rich, Jenna P/SS 2009 No
13 Anderson.Adrena CF/LF 2008 Tenn
44 Colton, Katie CF/LF 2007 Aub
11 Donnenwirth, Krista SS/2B 2007 ASU
9 Klinkert, Jennifer 1B/3B 2007 Houston
27 Minder, Brittany C/3B 2007 Stanford
7 Sisk, Lindsey P/1B/OF 2007 Arizona


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Zephyrs Gold 2007 Roster

P/OF- Baillie Lott (07) - U of Houston
SS- Haley Brown (07) - U of Illinois - Chicago/Emporia State
P/1B- Eranne Daugharthy (07)  -Colorado State/Northern Iowa
C/1B- Ashley Guile (07)  - U of Nebraska
OF/INF - Amanda Mckinney (07)
2B- Livi Abney (07)  - U of Wisconsin
C/3B- Kristen Rock (08)  - (Verbal) Wisconsin
C/3B- Emma Wright (08) South Harrison - Nebraska Omaha
P/1B- Sarah Wedel (08) Salina South-Dayton
OF- Brooke Thomason (09) BVNW - Nebraska
OF- Kendall Grimm (09) Olathe East - Wisconsin
2B/3B- Jessica Brooks (09) Olathe East- Missouri Southern
OF- Shelby Pohlman (09) Olathe South - Dayton
OF- Amber Ewert (10) Ray-Pec

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Orland Park Sparks,  Illinois


Brittany Arrington 2007 -- College of St. Francis

Allison Gage 2007  -- Boston College

Lindsey Major 2007  --  Iowa

Mary Ostman 2007  --  Penn State

Christina Roesel 2007 -- Louisville


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Explosion Gold


07 Heather Gerritse C/3B Wichita State

07 Mandy Urfer 1B Arizona State University

07 Sarah Rice C Arizona State University

07 Alex Holmes LHP University of California, Davis

07 Shaunice Harris 3B University of Florida

07 Megan Bush SS University of Florida

07 Dani Manko 2B/OF University of North Carolina

07 Priscilla Curiel 2B/OF Cal State San Bernardino

07 Stephanie Egan 2B/SS Occidental College

07 Jody Valdivia RHP Notre Dame

07 Jennifer Meinheit OF Rutgers University 






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TEXAS GLORY 2007 and 2008 Class.

Whitney Canion '08 Baylor University
Krystle Huey '07 Oklahoma University
Natalie Villarreal '07 Texas A&M University
Sarah McCloud '07 University of Georgia
Kristen Adkins '07 University of Florida
Amy Hooks '07 University of Texas
Sara Stinson '07 Iowa St. University
Whitney Wilson '07 Sam Houston State University
Brianna Love '07 University of Louisiana Monroe
Amanda Locke '07 University of Alabama
Meghan Krieg '07 Louisiana Tech University
Mallory Mitchell '07 Minnesota University
Jammie Weidert '07 Minnesota University
Natalie Neal '07 Minnesota University
Casey Campanello '07 Houston Baptist University
Wanda Malone '07 Louisiana Tech University
Samantha Stampley '07 Navaro Jr. College
Jordan Vanatta '07 Baylor University
Danielle Vaji '07 University of Illinois
Rachel Grimes '07 Angelo St. University
Alix Dean '07 Angelo St. University
Ty Coats '07 Texas Tech University
Victoria Mendoza '07 Harvard University
Kelsey Schendt '07 Western Texas College

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Chico Starz
1. Christina Wieck p/c Chico St.
2. Kayla Hensley 3b UNC Greensboro
3. Kait Manning ss Dominican University

Paul Moore

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American Pastime Gold

2008 Commitments:

Jessica Garcia C (verbal) U of New Mexico
Kerry Hodgins OF (verbal) U of New Mexico
Alexa Anderson 2B (verbal) ASU
Coreen Lopez 3B/OF (verbal) BYU


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Washington Lake Breeze Gold 2009 - NLI Signees

Alexandra Hudson - BYU
Allison Kutz - Oregon State
Carly McEachran - Portland State
Kori Seidlitz - South Dakota State
Jessica Tanigawa - Robert Morris


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Ca Cruisers

2009 -

Kim Bruins - P/SS - Texas
Jenna Rich - P/SS - Stanford
Samantha Dodd - CF - DePaul
Lauren Yao - 2B - Penn State
Melany Fagaly - C - Washington
Samantha Parlich - P/SS - Arizona State
Hanna Faria - P/1B - Point Loma Nazarene

2010 -

Olive Naotola - 2b/3b/P - DePaul


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The entire 2009 graduating class from the Olathe Rockets Gold will play softball with Division 1 and Division 2 universities.  Head Coach John Moppin and his staff have done a fantastic job getting these athletes ready for the next level.  The Rockets also have four 2010 graduates that are worth checking out.


Rockets outfielder, Janessa Swinney

Swinney signed her National Letter of Intent on Wednesday.  She will be attending the University of Missouri, Kansas City and playing softball for the Roos. Swinney and her STA Saints team were the 2008 Kansas 5A State Champions.  She earned All-State 1st Team, All-SUN Country and All-League honors.


Rockets pitcher, Britney Lang

Lang signed her National Letter of Intent on Wednesday.  She will be attending the University of Southern Illinois and playing softball for the Salukis. Lang earned 1st Team All League Pitcher, 1st Team All-Metro Pitcher and 2nd Team All State Pitcher at Lansing High School last season.


Rockets catcher, Kendall Patterson

Patterson signed her National Letter of Intent on Wednesday.  She will be attending The University of Kansas and playing softball for the Jayhawks. Patterson earned Journal World Player of the Year, NFCA All-South Central Region 1st Team, All-Metro, All-State 1st Team, All-Area Journal World 1st Team and All-League 1st Team at McLouth High School last season.


Rockets catcher, Rachel Hay

Hay signed her National Letter of Intent on Friday.  She will be attending The University of Missouri and playing softball for the Tigers.  Hay earned All Conference Selection and All Regional Selections last season with Oak Park High School.


Rockets outfielder Rosie Hull

Hull signed her National Letter of Intent on Friday.  She will be attending The University of Kansas and playing softball for the Jayhawks. Hull was out with an injury last season, but earned All-League the prior year with Lawrence Free State High School.


Rockets outfielder Maggie Hull

Hull signed her National Letter of Intent on Friday.  She will be attending The University of Kansas and playing softball for the Jayhawks.  Hull was out most of last season with an injury, but earned All-State, All-League and All-Metro the prior year with Lawrence Free State High School.


Rockets pitcher, Hailie Ray

Ray signed her National Letter of Intent on Monday.  She will be attending The University of Eastern Illinois and playing softball for the Panthers. Ray earned All-League Pitcher with Ottawa High School last season.


Rockets outfielder, Lauren Himpel

Himpel signed her National Letter of Intent on Monday.  She will be attending Washburn University and playing softball for the Ichabods.   Himpel earned All State,  All-League, All Area-Lawrence Journal and All-Metro with Tonganoxie High School last season.


Rockets pitcher/infielder, Lindsey Muller

Muller signed her National Letter of Intent on Monday.  She will be attending The University of Missouri and playing softball for the Tigers.  Muller earned All-League last season with Blue Valley High School.




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KC Zephyrs Gold 2009 class:
Keela Scott SS/2B - Nebraska
Maggie Strange C - Wisconsin
Samantha West OF - Drake
Shelby Pohlman OF - Dayton
Nikki Bruce 2B/SS/3B - Eastern Kentucky

Kelsey Warkentine 1B/OF - Yale

Patrice Jackson 1B/OF - San Diego State


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Kristin Scharkey - OF - Northwestern
Liz Santana -SS/2B - UC Davis
Caitrin Debaun - OF - Long Beach State
Melanie Nichols - P - Ohio State
Kelly Nolan - C - Ole Miss
Skylar Segura - 3B/SS/2B - LMU
Dana Waldusky - P - UC Davis
Marisa Bast - SS - Northwestern
McKenzie Kane - OF - UCSB
Stevie Goldstein - P - LMU
Mandy Gardner - P/1B - Michigan

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Virginia Stars Gold:

Callie Eward - OF - 2009 - Verballed - Georgetown
Cassie Greenhawk -2009- OF/2B - Signed NLI - Bucknell
Amanda Fernandez-2009 - C/3B- Signed NLI - USC Aiken


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Angels - Gold (Georgia) (AKA-South Effingham Angels)

2009 Roster

Brandy Brewer - P/OF - Georgia Perimeter
Kali Carswell - C - Georgia College and State Univeristy
Kelly Delashmit - OF - Georgia Tech
Kayla English - IF/C - Middle Georgia
Tabatha Douberly - IF - Georgia Southern
Amy Nagel - C/OF - Georgia Southern
Katie Rietkovich  - Inf - University of Georgia
Erin Wilson - C/IF/OF - Georgia Perimeter

Players currently in college

Marie Fogle - OF - Georgia Southern
Lauren Gentry - P/IF - University of South Carolina-Sumter


Victoria Hilton - P - South Effingham HS
Taylor Turner - P - Savannah Christian



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Gamecock,  you reported on another thread about Courtney Thomas going to Tennessee Volunteers in 2010... Do you have any information on Courtney as in where is she from? What travel team, what High School??  Is she a walk on at Tennessee for 2010?  What position does she play?


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Washington Ladyhawks Gold - Miller

2009 Class

Allie Burger - Univeristy of Oregon
Jordan Goschie - University of Iowa
Caitlin Colvin - Ohio University
Briar Stanley - Florida State University
Alex Lucas - Indiana State University
Taylor Thompson - Marshall University
Crystal Nyman - Temple University
Allyson Johnson - University of North Carolina Greensboro
Allegra Wilde - Seattle University
Rogin Hardy - Long Island University
Taylor Franich - University of Buffalo
Taylor Darnielle - St. Francis University

2010 Class

Marki Creger Zier - University of Washington
Elsa Moyer - Oregon State University

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Gold Coast Hurricanes Gold - Cooper
Rachel Fico - LSU
Kelsey Horton - FLA
Cara Vitale - UNC
Kylie Vry - MISS ST
Brie Rojas - FIU
Samantha Holle - FLA
Marissa Menendez - UCF

Hannah Rogers - FSU
Kasie Hatfield - PENN ST

Bailey Castro- FLA
Leslie Jury - BAMA

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California Dreamin'


Kristiana Munoz, Brown
Kelliner Croushore, College of the Holy Cross
Sarah Free, College of the Holy Cross


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 USA Athletics gold (Rogers)

 Amanda Robinson 2010 -  Utah Valley  ( OF/INF)
 Natalee Pulver     2010  - Marshall (P/INF)
 Lindsey Raines     2010  - Purdue (OF/P)
 Amanda Horowitz 2010 -  Boston College (P)
 Samantha Miller   2010 -  Utah State   ( C/3RD)



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LaJoya (TX) Coyotes Gold

Clarissa Navarro inf 2010 verbal to Univ of Arkansas

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Corona Xpress Gold


Rachel McMahon  Pace Unversity
Brooke Ortale  Mesa State College


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Midland Magic


Cassee Layne / Reidland, KY / Michigan State
Kayla Riggs / Lincoln, IL / SIU Edwardsville
Taylor Baxter / Palmyra, MO / Illinois State
Rachel Coonrod / Edwardsville, IL / SIU Edwardsville
Morgan Harrell / Reidland, KY / Tennessee Martin
Kelsea Ashton / Carterville,IL / Southern Illinois
Kayla Wade / Belleville East, IL / Tennessee Martin
Lauren Zaworski / Fremd, IL / Loyola University Chicago
Taylor Orsburn / Cobden, IL / Southern Illinois
Jessi Holland / O' Fallon, IL / Austin Peay
Mariah Cole / Chatham Glenwood, IL / Bradley
Erin Greenwalt / Edwardsville, IL / Bowling Green
Elizabeth Sprague /  Dunlap, IL / Parkland
Erika Fitzgerald / Dunlap, IL / Parkland
Megan Noe / Boonville, IN / Lindenwood
Madison Murphy / Sacred Heart Griffin,IL / Lake Land
Amber Stephenson / Lincoln,IL / Lincoln Land
Kimberlin Wallace / Newton,IL / Lake Land
Jessica Meyer / Chatham Glenwood, IL /  Lake Land
Alex Baumgart / Boonville, IN / Indiana State
Dagmar Ralphs / O'Fallon, IL / Maine
Katie Bertelsen / Alexis United, IL / Southern Illinois
Lindsey Greene / Rockville , IN / Illinois State
Stephanie Gallant / Pickering, Ontario / Illinois State
Kara Repp / Casey-Westfield , IL / Illinois State
Kelsey Turczyn / LaSalle-Peru,IL / Illinois State
Kara Arceneaux / Harry D.Jacobs,IL / Morehead State
Casey Cromwell / Danville,IL / Morehead State
Lindsay Friedman / Pontiac, IL / St.Louis University
Lexi Cremeens / Mt.Vernon,IL / Bradley
Brittany Burgess / St.Bede,IL / Bradley
Kaitlyn Barrett / Monticello, IL / Northern Illinois
Kristyn Barrett / Monticello,IL / Northern Illinois
Lacy Emrick / Griggsville,IL / Maryville
Moe Stoszkus / O'Fallon,IL / Lake Land
Jessica Craft / Ball State
Becca Strope / Edwardsville,IL / Missouri S&T
Kayti Lundin / Forsyth.IL /  Lake Land
Shawna Sadler / Chicago,IL / Western Kentucky
Megan Stone / Indiana State
Ashli Scott / Indiana State
Shannon Mitchell / Illinois Springfield
Kayla Quertermous / John Logan
Casey Vincent / Tennessee Martin
Erica Schwartztrauber / UMSL

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LADY LASERS WHITE(OH) 2011 Committments so far- UPDATED****
Haley Widner(OF) - Columbus Bishop Ready to James Madison
Kristen Boros(SS) - Elyria HS to Butler
****Linda Laeufer (2B) - Pickerington North to Cornell University
Emma Johnson(P) - Groveport Madison HS to Kent State

****Lindsay Rich(P) - Perrrysburg HS to Eastern Michigan

Kellie Roudabush(SS/3B) - Hilliard Bradley HS to Akron

New for 2010-2011 players from Lasers Aqua this past summer that will play with Lasers White
Tiyona Marshall(OF)- Gahanna HS to Miami of Ohio
Caitlyn Conrad(OF) - North Union HS to Ohio State
Reagan Stofchek (IF) - North Union HS to Wright State
2012 Committment
****Caylor Arnold(C/3B) Mt. Gilead HS to Northwestern University


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BOISE STATE - Signed L.O.I. for 2010-2011
Morgan Barnes (P) - Grants Pass, OR.
Jessica O'Donnell (3B) - Lakewood, CA.
MacKenzie Whyte (SS) - Austin, TX.
Devon Bridges (1B) - Danville, CA.
Lindsey Boyd (3B/SS) - Standley Lake, CO.

BOISE STATE - Verbal commitments for 2011-2012
Jordan Krieger (SS) - Hillsboro, OR.


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                                                JETS GOLD COMMITMENTS

2010 GRADS
Alyssia Palomino - Auburn
                                                Brittany Williams - University of Oklahoma                                                
                                                Haley McGregor - University of Oklahoma                                                
                                                Kassy Uchida - Utah State                                                
                                                Desiree Chavez - UC Davis                                                
                                                Brianna Luna - Iowa                                                
                                                Marissa Hiller - CSU Bakersfield                                                
                                                Marissa Reyes - Colorado State-Pueblo                                                
                                                Amanda Lievanos - University of Redlands
                                                Kylie Grabowski - San Francisco State                                                
                                                Brittany Brenner - CSU Dominguez Hills                                                
                                                Brandi Enriquez - North Dakota State

2011 GRADS
Brenna Moss - Fresno State
Dani Gillmore - Oregon State

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