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If you think that JC's have the same level or higher educational value than a 4yr University, then that is your opinion.  I can tell you that I routinely depose Experts in various fields and during the qualification portion of my examination, not one has ever indicated in their educational past that they went to Some County Community College before receiving the baccalaureate, or graduate degrees.
If you think that the JC's have higher levels of instructors then encourage your friends and loved ones to go that route.  If you are advising a young talented student with a high GPA and high SAT with the opportunity to go to Harvard/Yale/Princeton are you really going to tell the student to skip it for two years while they get their basics out of the way at the local community college? If I am "absolutely wrong" then that's your opinion too

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So Jackies Coach...if I understand what your saying is that if they went to a JC first then their Education is essentially null and void? I need to call the two schools back that helped me earn a Masters and a PhD and tell them the news..
Its funny to me when some get an elitist view point....
Glad I dont have to be working with you....

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First off, I did not want this to become a debate over JC and the first 2 years at a University. I just wanted some information on how to go to the next level. She is happy with the choice she made, and just wants to know how to take the next step.

JackiesCoach, where in my post did I ever say anything about her wanting to go to Harvard/Princeton/Yale. Heck, she just wants to go to a plain old university, imagine that. Not everyone has has their nose up in the air like you.

For everyone else who submitted useful info, THANK YOU. 

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Our experience was that if you are looking to transfer as a junior, your choices are much more limited because you have to find a school (or they have to find you) that is looking to fill your position for just those 2 years of your eligibility. It may not be a school you would have chosen if you had more choices. Often coaches will call the JUCOs specifically looking for such a player. It also seemed that a lot of DII, DIII and NAIA coaches came to the state tournament at the end of the season and most of our unsigned sophomores were recruited then and there. It helps if you play on a team that makes the tournament (I would guess nationals would have even more coaches looking) and also if you can stand waiting until the summer to find out where you will go. Good luck.


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Limitation of a JC player wanting to go to a 4 year college is very dependent on their ability.Many talented players go to a JC because they don't have the grade or because cannot get a full scholarship thus decide to go to a JC first.
Look at the Big West rosters and see the number of JC transfers.
Also very important is at which JC you are graduating. If you went to Mt. Sac. then most 4 year colleges will recruit you, but if you went to a JC with a poor softball program then you will have trouble to qualify for a 4 year college softball program, specially if you are looking for a scholarship.

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A few thoughts from a JUCO coach;
1) I would guess there were 50+ NCAA DI and DII colleges at the JUCO Nationals this year. It gives me the indication that the colleges are interested in JUCO players.

2) As important as grades/SAT scores are in high school, JUCO GPA's are even more important---I think because of the stigma mentioned earlier about JUCO's being for kids with poor grades.

3) The way colleges are recieving "verbal commitments" from high school juniors, sophmores, and freshmen-------as soon as a young lady enters a JUCO she needs to ramp up the marketing plan again.  If the JUCO coach doesn't have a plan to help the girls get recruited to the next level it would be wise to look elsewhere.

4) One saving grace for JUCO players happens every May----the NCAA coach unexpectedly finds out a player(s) aren't returning.  I am amazed at the number of frantic emails recieved at the end of May/1st of June.

5) If a JUCO isn't playing numerous games against NCAA DI/DII programs in the fall season then they aren't doing justice to their kids recruiting/marketing.

6) Interesting the number of JUCO's that compete favorably with DII's and some even with the DI's.

7) Nothing forces a young lady to attend a JUCO for two years if she is an academic qualifier out of high school. Find a JUCO coach that will accept you for one year if you get the offer you desire.

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PaulyGirl - thanks for sharing that info.  My DD is an 09 with offers from two of the better Juco programs in the country - both schools played at Juco nationals this year (one has back to back appearances) and both programs heavily promote their athletes to the next level with good results.  She has had quite a bit of interest from DII and DIII schools, but really wants to eventually play at a DI school.  She has been very lightly recruited at that level to this point, and the couple of schools that have shown interest don't have the academic program she wants to pursue - which is also the case for many of the D2 schools that have shown interest.  She has the grades and test scores (3.4 GPA and 28 ACT) but has said she would rather go to a good Juco and continue to develop as a player and then try to go DI.  Her travel team is going to play a gold schedule this year, so it is always possible that she could get a late offer that would be too good to pass up, but since she is an outfielder and not a pitcher, I know that it is unlikely. 

She would still be age eligible to play 18U following her freshmen year so I suppose that would be an additional avenue of exposure.  However I heard from our state ASA commissioner that ASA held a vote to ban college players from playing 18U and that it was defeated by 2 votes, but that it would come up again at the November meeting.  Does anyone have any information about this and whether or not it is inevitable that it will eventually pass?  If so, will it include Juco players as well, or just DI and DII players?

I know the negative opinion of some on this board as to starting out at a Juco, however we are confident that either school DD chooses will be a good place for her to begin.  I am just looking for solid advice on taking the next step when that time arrives.  Should she only plan on playing one year at a Juco then look to transfer?  Or go in planning on playing two years and if she gets an offer after her freshman year that works for her then great?


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punter5, if you live in SoCal there are many JCs that are as good as the first 2 years of any 4 year universities.
Some have also great softball programs.
The number one JC with great academic and softball is Mt San Antonio.
Most of their graduating softball players have gone to the university of their choice with scholarships.

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She should plan on attending 2 years.  If a great offer comes after one year---grab it.
Who knows, she may really like the JUCO and new friends/teammates and want to stay two years.
If her new coach doesn't help guide her to set goals, she should set her own personal goals------identify 5--6 areas of her game she needs to improve to get to the DI level. Measure and track the goals.
Make certain the goals are measurable and have a timeline for achievement.

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Dakota Wesleyan University located in Mitchell, SD is looking for transfers at semester.  We are in a rebuilding phase with our program and need to add a few players at semester. Academic and athletic scholarships are available. Contact Coach McCarthy at mamccart@dwu.edu for more information. 

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