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A friend sent this to me, 
I was looking through Michelle Malkin's column, "Demcare and the race hustlers: It’s not just about ACORN" and was looking at the affiliated organizations that provide foot soldiers and astroturfers to ACORN and SEIU and could't help but be surprised by the presence of its only student based


* A New Way Forward
* Action Now
* Albany Park Neighborhood Council
* Alliance to Develop Power (ADP)
* Americans for Fairness in Lending
* Americans for Financial Reform
* ARISE Chicago
* Brighton Park Neighborhood Council
* Central Illinois Organizing Project (CIOP)
* Center for Community Change (CCC)
* Change in Terms
* Change To Win
* Chicago Coalition of the Homeless
* Citizen Action
* Communities United for Action (CUFA)
* Community Voices Heard (CVH)
* Contra Costa Interfaith Supporting Community Organization (CCISCO)
* Gender Just Metanoia Centers, Inc.
* Grassroots Collaborative
* Green Party of Nevada
* Fuerza Laboral/Power of Workers
* Housing Action Illinois
* Illinois Alliance for Retired Americans
* Illinois Hunger Coalition
* Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement
* Jane Addams Senior Caucus
* Jobs with Justice
* Michigan People’s Action (MPA)
* MoveOn
* Northside Action and Justice
* Northside POWER
* Northwest Bronx Community & Clergy Coalition
* National People’s Action
* People Organized for West Side Renewal (POWER)
* PUSH Buffalo
* Right to the City Alliance
* Rights for All People (RAP)
* Roomdad Productions
* SEIU Illinois State Council
* SEIU Local 1
* South Austin Coalition Community Council (SACCC)
* Sunflower Community Action
* Syracuse United Neighbors (SUN)
* Teach Our Children (TOC)
* UE
* UCLA Undergraduate Students Association
* Workers United
* Working In Neighborhoods (WIN)


You can look at the SEIU website and find other activities where the UCLA student association collaborated with SEIU/ACORN;


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I am sure that this will be just one small example of why this bill has been absent from the transparency that President Obama promised! I annot wait for the next few weeks to learn more.

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Michelle Malkin is a national treasure. She is a voracious researcher and meticulous footnoter, something the lazy main stream media could learn from.  If someone has a problem with her columns I suggest you take your head out _________* and check your objectivity.


* the sand

BTW great gift idea!



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You will notice that the liberal democRATS will attack her character and try to demonize her rather than debate her on facts. I remember when Chris "tingle up my leg" Matthews had her on once and would ask her a question and then start brow beating her before she could get her answer out. He knew he didn't stand a chance if he actually let her answer and debate an issue.

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