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24 is a wonderfully crafted and complex,24 Hours DVD requiring the viewer to see the period with caution, because of its careful real-time format. The pulse-pounding excitement can not give up at some points, but the scenes of transition, whether it would be a shocking development,House MD DVD or a key stage, the excitement kicks up a notch higher. But what makes it so effective in 1924 is a brilliant job, and Kiefer Sutherland, who is one word, masterful as Jack Bauer. He describes Bauer aggressive professional who would do anything to get the job done, even if it means walking on a thin, good and evil.The Office DVD Meanwhile, Sutherland creates sympathy for the family man, according to a desperate family solidarity crack. Haysbert has pulled off a great performance as Senator Palmer, sincere and honest politician who believes in defending the right ideals of American democracy.Worthy of mention is Penny Johnson Jerald,Grey's Anatomy DVD who plays Sherry Palmer, the wife of David, an intriguing woman, greedy, who want nothing but the power and popularity that the First Lady.
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