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Originally Posted by PlayersCoach
Well there ya have it, the last opening is filled. It is mind boggling how these ADs look at softball. This job has been open for over 2 months.  They post the opening on the NCAA site and then name the assistant as the H/C?  Why waste the time?  Did nobody else apply?  They state that Coach Golitko has been with the program for 9 years. True, however 7 of those 9 years have been losing seasons.  I have said it before as have numerous others, would these ADs ever hire a football or basketball coach under similar circumstances? 

There were several who applied. At least one was more qualified than the person who was named the "interim."  They went thru all this just to name the assistant the "interim."  I still don't understand how they expected anyone to come in and start coaching a team in January.

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The SWA there is new so figured it would be this route, which kind of makes sense given the timing, or would bring in the coach from Quincy University from where she came. Either way you just need to kind of laugh I guess. “Interim” is the label given so if she finishes.500 probably will remove that label but if is a disaster then then have an out.

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To follow up with WIU and their recent choice.  The department advertises for a new H/C and after review of candidate(s) including at least one candidate with better credentials (according to BigTen), the department decides the assistant Coach who has been on staff for the  '12, '13, '15, '16 and '17 season was the very best choice?  In those years the Leathernecks were a combined 93-138 or a pct of .402  Again would they ever hire any other coach with those credentials?  Their football Coach had H/C experience and was 36-17 in those years and WBB was 102-61 as a H/C prior to WIU.  Just a few small examples, but just not feeling softball is nearly as important to the AD's as all of us on this board would like it to be.  I truly hope this new coach learns in a hurry as she has never had H/C experience at any level and standing in the 3rd base box requires a load of attention. 

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