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Congrats to fhoenix on winning the title this season!

Well done!

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Originally Posted by spazsdad
Hardly. They shouldn't have gotten waxed by Iowa.
They just got a dose of what Penn State got last year. Didn't hear Ohio complaining about that one.



Shut up doofus. Not talking to you. 

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Last season.....
Ohio state was ranked in top 4 during championship games weekend. Penn state played and won. But Ohio state was still ranked in top 4 and did not drop out of top 4 and went to playoffs as Big10 representative.

This season.....
Alabama was not ranked in top 4 during championship games weekend. Georgia played and won. Ohio state played and won. Bama got in. 
It is where a division winner has a worse record and ranking than the other team but a better conference record. 
A team can lose all 3 non-conference games, and win all 9 conference games and win division over a team that won all 3 non-conference games but lost 1 conference game. And that team is higher ranked than the division winner. 

Not the same as last year.
Bama (roll tide) was not in top 4 to begin the weekend like ohio state was last year.
Bama has no top 5 victories and no top 15 wins either. Strength of schedule was way down because SEC was middle and bottom horrible.
SEC teams like bama playing mercer the week before rivalry week is weak too. Cupcakes the 11th game of the season is not a tune up...it is resting up.
Also SEC plays only 8 conference games whereas pac12 and big10 play 9 and Big12 plays all 9 other teams...so you have to play every team in conference in Big12. 
If a team that did not win it's division or conference is selected to represent that conference....cool. But not to be the 2nd team from that conference in. That is subjective measurement.

Not the same as last year....with that said ohio state loss to iowa (a beating in wood shed) could not be overlooked.
Every big ten team was cheering Wisconsin. A playoff birth meant all big10 teams get a cut of the big payday.
Ohio state winning meant loss of big payday and guarantee champion will not be from big 10....so in recruiting battles the big 10 loses in the southeast and spouthwest where playoffs help coaches going into texas, florida etc.

Playoffs need to guarantee winner of each conference and 3 wild card teams chosen.
If your conference is competitive your top teams with have losses. If top heavy (as most often is the case) the top 3 feast on the rest.
Imagine if NFL were subjective. Several of the past superbowl champions would not have been in playoffs to make their run.
Playoffs are not the regular season. In college they have a month off to prepare and think and over think. We have seen teams come out hard and others look nothing like the team we saw all season. 
In NFL win your division and you are in. Let the teams that do not win depend on subjective rankings from a panel.
Even college basketball and other tourneys take conference winners and others invited..if you don't win your conference you cannot cry you were one of the best. That is subjective...especially when every major team each year has a loss to someone they are picked to beat. The state of iowa had iowa beat ohio state and iowa state beat ou.

No sympathy for ohio state.
Alabama didn't earn nor deserve to get in playoffs. Neither did ohio state nor USC. One of them had to be chosen however so any of them picked the other 2 had to suck it up and accept they were not in top 4 last week of season and did not earn it. ALabama backed in. Ohio state nor usc deserved it over bama. It was like choosing between a kick in nuts or punch in face. Neither good. 
Bama had the better loss...ohio state had 3 better wins. Sucks we have a system where a handful of people sit around and decide who gets to play......as I said earlier imagine pro football using backwards system.
Boomer sooner and roll tide

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The Iowa loss was huge at the time and huge when it mattered. Go Dabo

Congrats on the win fhoenix!!


Shut up doofus. Not talking to you. 

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Shut up doofus. Not talking to you. 
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