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The 2011 European Cup will take place in Caserta, Italy from August 15-20.

The reigning 2010 Euro Cup Champions are the Tex Town Tigers from Enschede, Holland!

There will be ten teams competing.

Yellow Pool:

Tex Town Tigers  Nederland
Skovde BSK         Sweden
Weselin Vermins   Germany
SK Joudrs              Czech Republic
Afterburners           Belgium

Blue Pool:

Carrousel            Russia
Caserta                Italia
Sparks                 Nederland
Titano Hornets    
Pee Wee's           

The Gold Medal Game will take place on Saturday August 20th.

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Americans Competing this year:

Anjelica Selden   Caserta    UCLA
Kristie Fox           Caserta    ARIZONA
Gina Oaks            Caserta    CAL STATE FULLERTON
Jenna Delong       TTT        DRAKE
Elena Leon           TTT        DRAKE
Lindsey Meadows  TTT      LOUISIANA TECH  Also a Dutch Passport Holder


Britt Vonk    TTT   CALIFORNIA
Natalie Timmermans   OKLAHOMA CITY

There are many more....


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Wasn't there a website last year?  Anybody got that?


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Here's the link for both European Cup tournaments.

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Thanks Joe


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What is the difference between the 2 European tournaments that you show websites for?

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The tournament(European-Cup) in Caserta is the tournament for clubteams which are champions of their country.There are 2 dutch teams because Tex Town is the defending cupholder.
The other tournament(European Cup Winners Cup) is for the runner's up in their country.

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From what I was just told a few minutes ago, the opposite is true. 


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Des Caserta was the 2010 champion in Italy.Forli was the runner up,and maybe won the Italian Cup,but not sure about the Italian Cup.


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Thanks, it all makes sense now

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Batting avg 
1. Zhuchkova Tatiana-RUS  .583    
2. Tuk Karin-TEX  .563    
3. Vonk Britt-TEX  .526    
4. Kosterink Saskia-SPA  .500    
5. Fox Kristie-ITA  .444    
6. Anneveld Virginie-SPA  .429    
7. Oaks Gina-ITA  .412    
 Versluis Chantal-SPA  .412    
9. Spel Areke-SPA  .400    
 Leon Elena-TEX  .400    
Slugging pct 
1. Vonk Britt-TEX  1.053    
2. Tuk Karin-TEX  .875    
3. Spel Areke-SPA  .750    
4. Leon Elena-TEX  .667    
5. Rolla Christina-RUS  .615    
6. Kosterink Saskia-SPA  .611    
 Fox Kristie-ITA  .611    
8. Zhuchkova Tatiana-RUS  .583    
9. Jaklova Lenka-CZE  .500    
10. Robinson Kate-SMR  .478    
On base pct 
1. Zhuchkova Tatiana-RUS  .615    
2. Tuk Karin-TEX  .611    
3. Vonk Britt-TEX  .571    
4. Kosterink Saskia-SPA  .550    
 Leon Elena-TEX  .550    
6. Versluis Chantal-SPA  .545    
7. Fox Kristie-ITA  .500    
 Oaks Gina-ITA  .500    
9. Jakesova Tereza-CZE  .467    
10. Spel Areke-SPA  .455    
Runs scored 
1. Vonk Britt-TEX     
2. Versluis Chantal-SPA     
 Oaks Gina-ITA     
4. Gosewehr Nathalie-ITA     
 Smirnova Kseniya-RUS     
6. 7 tied at ...    
1. Vonk Britt-TEX  10    
2. Robinson Kate-SMR     
 Anneveld Virginie-SPA     
 Kosterink Saskia-SPA     
 Tuk Karin-TEX     
6. Spel Areke-SPA     
 Fox Kristie-ITA     
8. 9 tied at ...    
Runs batted in 
1. Fox Kristie-ITA     
2. Rolla Christina-RUS     
 Spel Areke-SPA     
4. Anneveld Virginie-SPA     
5. 8 tied at ...    
1. Fox Kristie-ITA     
 Barnes Brittany-GER     
3. Lipp Christina-GER     
 Villirillo Giulia-SMR     
 Jaklova Lenka-CZE     
 Kosterink Saskia-SPA     
 Meadows-Oosteveld Li-TEX     
 Spel Areke-SPA     
 Tuk Karin-TEX     
 Robinson Kate-SMR     
1. Vonk Britt-TEX     
 Leon Elena-TEX     
3. Bar Luisa-GER     
 Loudova Magdalena-CZE     
 Delong Jenna-TEX     
 Praveckova Petra-CZE     
 Novelli Bianca-ITA     
 Spel Areke-SPA     
 Gosewehr Nathalie-ITA     
 Rolla Christina-RUS     
Home runs 
1. Vonk Britt-TEX     
2. Spel Areke-SPA     
 Tuk Karin-TEX     
Total bases 
1. Vonk Britt-TEX  20    
2. Spel Areke-SPA  15    
3. Tuk Karin-TEX  14    
4. Robinson Kate-SMR  11    
 Kosterink Saskia-SPA  11    
 Fox Kristie-ITA  11    
7. Anneveld Virginie-SPA  10    
 Leon Elena-TEX  10    
9. 3 tied at ...    
1. Leon Elena-TEX     
2. Bar Luisa-GER     
3. Novelli Bianca-ITA     
 Barnes Brittany-GER     
 Connor Debbie-SPA     
 Gusman BrownMarin-SPA     
 Versluis Chantal-SPA     
 Denes Nicole-SWE     
 Oaks Gina-ITA     
 Timmermans Nathalie-SPA     
Hit by pitch 
1. Wadwell Kristen-SMR     
2. Owen Julie-SPA     
 Versluis Chantal-SPA     
4. 15 tied at ...    
Sac bunts 
1. van Heijst Petra-TEX     
2. Mohlen Priya-SWE     
 Hoenderdos Linda-ITA     
 Philipp Martina-GER     
5. Praveckova Petra-CZE     
 Ricchi Beatrice-SMR     
 Owen Julie-SPA     
 Smit-van der Zwaan M-TEX     
 de Vlieghere Amandin-BEL     
 Oaks Gina-ITA     
Sac flies 
1. Anneveld Virginie-SPA     
2. van der KaaijShanna-SPA     
 Rolla Christina-RUS     
 van Gelder Beau-SPA     
 Oosterveld Merel-TEX     
 van Driel Michelle-SPA     
 Granath Tess-SWE     
 Quinn Arlene-TEX     
 Kollner LisaMarie-GER     
Stolen bases 
1. Vonk Britt-TEX     
 Versluis Chantal-SPA     
3. Murdock Brittain-BEL     
4. Oosterveld Merel-TEX     
 Leon Elena-TEX     
 Gosewehr Nathalie-ITA     
 Kosterink Saskia-SPA     
8. 4 tied at ...    
Total plate appearances 
1. Anneveld Virginie-SPA  25    
2. Gosewehr Nathalie-ITA  23    
 von Bruck Alina-GER  23    
 Robinson Kate-SMR  23    
 Versluis Chantal-SPA  23    
 Wadwell Kristen-SMR  23    
 Spel Areke-SPA  23    
8. 6 tied at ... 22    
At bats 
1. Robinson Kate-SMR  23    
2. Mazzarella Pamela-ITA  21    
 Anneveld Virginie-SPA  21    
 Gosewehr Nathalie-ITA  21    
 von Bruck Alina-GER  21    
6. Murdock Brittain-BEL  20    
 Spel Areke-SPA  20    
 Hosten Sophie-BEL  20    
 Hosten Nathalie-BEL  20    
 Lipp Christina-GER  20    




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For anyone there give Britt a big ROLL ON from us cal fans
14 World Series appearances
3 WCWS title game appearances
1 NCAA Championship http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/California_Golden_Bears_softball

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thanks for the update

‎"The trouble with quotes on the internet is that you can never know if they are genuine." -- Abraham Lincoln

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Jenna DeLong

Learning to Learn

As our departure date crept closer the anticipation of what lay ahead of us grew. The entire Tex Town family had high hopes for the upcoming Europa Cup in Caserta, Italy, especially after The National Team’s huge victory in the European Championships just days prior. 

Enthusiastically I showed up to optional practice on Monday to find over half the team willing to put in extra work with our new ‘weapons’ Michael Bastian and Monti van Brunt. As temporary coaches, M&M had selflessly traveled from The United States to help bring back the cup TTT won just twelve months ago.

Their hard-nosed structure and serious attitudes produced an atmosphere closer to what I had been used to playing at the collegiate level. As all the players adjusted to M&M’s fast-paced style, I happily reminisced the painful, demanding practices that were typical of American softball coaches. But what I wasn’t used to was the girls’ amazing ability to cope with change.

It was astounding to watch as The Dutch players accepted the coaching advice and style of these large foreign men. What really blew me away was how open and enthusiastic they all were to variation. It seemed as if the laid back and overtly agreeable Dutch lifestyle that I had been adjusting to since I arrived in late May was paying off.

Ironically, with such high expectations for the biggest tournament of the season, I was decisively turning off my hurried, pedal-to-the-medal, ‘American’ approach to life. Instead I relaxed, took a step back and tried to learn something from my teammates. What I found was that the ‘Dutch’ laid back, agreeable attitude was the very best way to cope with the new situation. M&M wanted to help change us for the better, I just had to slow down and let them.

The Learning Curve

Being from a small town in Idaho, I hadn’t had a large amount of diversity throughout my childhood. Coming to The Netherlands to play softball felt like the right thing to do, even though I had never heard someone speak Dutch before.

I pitched my first game for Tex Town on my second day ever in Europe, and was surrounded by the Dutch language in the dugout, on the field, and in the locker room. I can remember the ball being hit back at me, and the girls around me yelling, in Dutch, where I should throw it. I had no clue what they were telling me! It didn’t take me long for me to realize I needed to learn how to count to four…in Dutch!

The next language disaster was just a few days ago when we won our third game in the Europa Cup here in Caserta, Italy. There were several controversial calls made by the umpires, and I had the pleasure of listening to some of the arguments. Our American coach Michael was yelling at the umpires in English, our other coach Monti was talking in Dutch, the coach for the other team was rambling (going on and on) on in Czechoslovakian, and the director of the tournament got involved using Italian. The three poor umpires were all desperately attempting to understand.

The great thing about differing languages is that we didn’t even need our third base coach to give hand signals he just shouted out, “Bunt,” in Dutch because we knew the team from Prague wouldn’t understand. The only problem was, neither did I!

Because of the sport of softball, all these languages are able to coexist. The game itself doesn’t change; it is still played with nine players no matter what mother tongue they speak.

Role Model

It has taken me almost 23 years to figure out why I play the game of softball. When I was younger I was like any other kid and played sports to be with my friends, compete against others, and stay out of trouble. I could have easily given up the sport and taken up something else but I stuck with it because I envied (this kind of means that I didn’t like them but wanted to be just like them) the popular athletic girls.

When I got to high school I played softball in hopes of someday earning a scholarship to pay for my college education. Once I earned that coveted (this word means: sought-after, desired) full-ride (this means all my schooling was fully payed for) scholarship I played to win so my coach could keep his job and I could keep my scholarship. I could have easily given up pitching and just focused on being an outfielder, but I knew there was a reason I hadn’t quit before now.  

It wasn’t until a little Dutch girl got an enormous smile on her face when I taught her how to pitch for the first time, that I realized why I really play this game. I play softball for the tear it puts in my father’s eye when I throw a no hitter. I play because my teammates, no matter who they are, depend on me. I play the game of softball because I know some little girl in some place in this world wants to be just like me, and I refuse to let her down.

It has taken me my whole life to figure out why I play the game of softball, but it only takes me one small second to remember why I will never quit.

The Underdogs

I never really understood how the old biblical legend of David and Goliath worked, or the tales of undefeated teams finally being brought down. The underdog story is a popular one, but always the unlikely one.

From the beginning seconds of the Europa Cup Championship game every single Tex Town player, including those who were not in the line-up, was screaming and cheering for our first batter to get on base. The energy level in our dugout was electrifying; it is possible we caused the first earthquake in Caserta, Italy in years.

Sparks Haarlem (Goliath) was undoubtedly the better team and could quite possibly beat us nine out of ten times, but that thought never once crossed the TTT player’s minds. We were playing the game with nothing to lose, while they were playing the game with everything to lose. For once in my life I watched as my teammates made outstanding plays, not for themselves, but for each other. We were playing the game as one collective unit, and we watched as the opposing team tried to win by playing with 17 different agendas.

The defining moment of the entire tournament was when Lynn Dollenkamp, a dedicated Tiger who only played about ten percent of the tournament, jumped into my arms crying and said, “I’m so proud.” She is just as happy to wear the Gold Medal as the players that played every minute.

I have been a part of several championship teams in my adult life, but never have I been a part of a team that puts the name on the front of their jersey before the name on the back of their jersey (this is referring to teams that put their last names on the backs of their jerseys I hope this makes sense. You could also say ‘but never have I been a part of a team that put the team before the individual). The Tex Town Tigers are Europa Cup Champions for the second consecutive year, and to me they are not only the best players, but also the most selfless players in Europe.


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Nice article by Jenna Delong.  My dd has made friends with her while playing in Netherlands this year. 


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You can see some interesting International Softball Information at http://www.TheFastpitchSchool.com

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Enjoy the website alot.  My dd is playing for Olympia and Coach Powell.

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