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I have a question. My DD plans on playing college ball somewhere (hasn't made choice yet).  Her high school offers dual credit courses (they count as both high school and college credit).

She has a question about this.  If she takes the courses available when she graduates from high school she will be considered a sophmore in college.
How will ths affect her getting a scholarship,  coming on a team as a sophmore, and how many years will she be eligible to play?


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She will still be a freshman on the field and if she has enough hours to qualify her as a sophomore then she will be a sophomore in the classroom. If she doesn't have enough hours then she will still be considered a freshmen. I do believe!

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you are correct

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Yes, that is correct.  In NCAA ball, you still have to stay academically eligible to play but you have 4 years of eligibility.  Some players receive their undergraduate degrees while playing.  My DD's freshman roommate graduated with my DD after 5 years.  My DD played the first 4 years and was assistant coach her 5th year, graduated with a bachelors.  Amie reshirted her first year, played the next 4 and graduated with a master's degree.

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